Robot UVC

ROBOT UVC is a robot product that is able to map a room to irradiate Ultraviolet light where the function of the ultraviolet light is to sterilize the mapping results in one room and this UVC robot serves to kill or kill germs or bacteria or viruses in a room by emitting ultraviolet light.

Fitur Produk Robot UVC

• Max 9H Disinfection Time.
• 360° Sterilization.
• Automatic Localization and Navigation System.
• 0.33 mW/cm² UV-C Disinfection.
• Automatic Lift Control Canteen Hotel Karaoke Office Internet Bar Hospital Shopping Mall Hall.
• 2400 m² coverage in 9 hours.
• Auto Return Home.
• Multi route training.
• Effective inactivation virus in 1 minute for 1 meter distance.

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