Entertaiment & Robot Show is a place for fast entertainment travel or a suitable vacation spot for children where in this Entertainment & Robot Sow there is a cinema in a container box that has a sensation of effect up to 13 effects depending on the film being played, and in the Entertaiment & Robot Show there is about robotic education and robot attractions , below are some products from Entertainment & Robot Show.

Red Truck

An application of a robot in a 13 Dimensional simulator with a weight of 3 tons which has a length of more than 6 meters and a height of about 3 meters and has operated more than 5 malls in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan. Together with Red Truck we will have a rare 13D viewing experience. When you sit down and choose a film with several categories that we have determined, you will also experience experiences such as being exposed to wind, smoke water, and other touches directly.


Robopark is a robot technology park featuring robot shows and the largest animatronic and robotic education in Indonesia, with more than 100 robots and 17 large animal robots with a height of 4.5 – 5 meters. Robopark always presents robot technology shows as well as animatronic shows such as dinosaur shows on an international scale and inserts various kinds of interaction and educational vehicles.

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