Ultrasonic GH-311RT



Ultrasonic GH-311RT 1.

– Voltage : 6-12V(DC)
– Current : max 2mA
– Output Signal : 0-5V (Output high when obstacle in range)
– Sentry Angle : max 15 degree
– Sentry Distance : 2mm-8000mm
– Frequency : 40Khz
– Pin : 3pin
Supply module with 6-12V, the output will be 5V while obstacle in range, or 0V if not.
The out pin of this module is used as a switching output when anti-theft module, and without the feet when ranging modules.
Note : the module should be inserted in the circuit before been power, which avoid producing high level of misoperation if not, then power again.
Module Working Principle:
(1) Adopt IO trigger through supplying at least 10us sequence of high level signal
(2) The module automatically send eight 40khz square wave and automatically detect whether receive the returning pulse signal
(3) If there is signals returning, through outputting high level and the time of high level continuing is the time of that from the ultrasonic transmitting to
Test distance = (high level time * sound velocity (340M/S) / 2,
3.Advantage :
Simpleeasy to adopt in system, Beam angle to avoid disruptions, Endurable
4.Notice :
This module can not be used for distance measurement


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