TCRT 5000



TCRT5000 Reflective Infrared Optical

Description :
The TCRT5000 and TCRT500L are reflective sensors which include an infrared emitter and phototransistor in a leaded package which blocks visible light. The package includes two mounting clips. TCRT5000L is the long lead version.

Features :
– Package type: Leaded
– Detector type: Phototransistor
– Dimensions: L 10.2 mm x W 5.8 mm x H 7.0 mm
– Peak operating distance: 2.5 mm
– Operating range: 0.2 mm to 15 mm
– Typical output current under test: IC = 1 mA
– Daylight blocking filter
– Emitter wavelength 950 nm
– Lead (Pb)-free soldering released
– Lead (Pb)-free component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC

Applications :
– Position sensor for shaft encoder
– Detection of reflective material such as paper, IBM cards, magnetic tapes etc
– Limit switch for mechanical motions in VCR
– General purpose – wherever the space is limited Spesification :
– Sensing Distance: 0.2-12mm
– Operating Wavelength : 950 mm
– Package Height: 7 mm
– Sensing Method: Reflective
– Reverse Voltage: 5V
– Forward Current: 60mA
– Forward Surge Current: 3A
– Emitter Power Dissipation: 100mW
– Collector Emitter Voltage: 70V
– Emitter Collector Voltage: 5V
– Collector Current: 100mA
– Detector Power Dissipation: 100mW
– Sensor Total Power Dissipation: 200mW
– Operating Temperature: -25C – 85C


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