Soil Humidity Sensor




Humidity Sensor Module Test Wires Smart Electronics Detection Soil

1. This is a simple water sensor can be used to detect soil moisture when the soil moisture deficit module outputs a high level, and vice versa output low. Use this sensor produced an automatic plant waterer device, so that the plants in your garden do not need people to manage

2. Adjustable sensitivity

3. Module dual output mode, digital output, analog output more accurate

4. With fixed bolt hole for easy installation

5. Stable comparator ip Specification : – Item type: Hygrometer detection module – Operating voltage: 3.3V-5V – PCB size: 31.6cm/1.180.63in – Comparator ip: LM393 ip – Interface: ^ 1. VCC: 3.3 V-5V ^ 2. GND: GND ^ 3. DO: digital output interface 0 and 1 ^ 4. AO: Analog Output Interface


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