Name : Gayatri

Height : 150cm

Weight : 60kg

Functional advantages: advertising, promotion, shopping guide, consultation, reception, voice interaction in the cloud,

Voice control, explanation, and guide

Main Functional

1.Voive Interaction & Control :

People Communicate With Robot through intelligent interaction not only by simple dialogue (Chinese version only.

English or orther language needs to get acess to relevant country’s chatbot and resources which requires software

engineer’s second programming); Also by voice command to instruct robot go throughthe places where you want

Her go , for example, please take me to XXX, then robot will implement your instructions.

  1. Head & arm joint intelligently Move :

Joint of both arms and head can achieve 6 DOF

  1. Trackless Navigation& Obstacle Avoidance :

Robot moves based on laser sensor , wich can not only navigated between fixed point but also designated point

To points;

Ther would be to ways of obstacle avoidance; bypassor stop, robot will choosethe right one smartly and continue

Her ways ahead after the obstacle avoidance.

  1. Initiative Guest Function :

Proactively say hello to cuttomers when his/ her face is detected

  1. Route Directions, Guide to Points:

When ther is some one asking her infrontor click on her display, robot shall show them to the designated place

  1. Introduction and Teaching:

Let robot introduce or teach you things by touch screeninterface , as well setting the targeted points and specified


  1. Printing Tickets (customized):

Insatall one printer under her chassis port

Slot card (costumized): collect the information of VIP members , bank card,and ID, with which information to achieve

Certain fucntions.

After sales service: two year warranty.

Robot applications: restaurant, shopping mall, exhibitions, hotels, hospital, school, govermment departements.


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