NTC Sensor Thermal Module



NTC Sensor Thermal Module

1. Using NTC thermistor sensor, the sensitivity is good.
2. Comparator output, with clean signal, good waveform, strong driving ability, more than 15 mA.
3. With potentiometer regulating temperature detection threshold.
4. Fixed bolt hole for easy installation.
5. Using a Wide Voltage LM393 Comparator.
6. Purpose: Temperature detection, temperature control sensor, ambient temperature detection.
Working voltage 3.3V-5V
Output Form: Digital Switch Output (0 and 1)
PCB Size of Small Plate: 32mmx14mmx5mm/1.25×0.55×0.19
Operation Manual:
1. Thermistor module is very sensitive to the ambient temperature, which is generally used to detect the ambient temperature.
2. By adjusting the potentiometer, the threshold of temperature detection can be changed (i.e. the control temperature value). If the ambient temperature needs to be controlled at 50 degrees, the module will turn on its green light at the corresponding ambient temperature, while DO will output a low level. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the output will be high and the green light will not turn on.
3. DO output terminal can be directly connected with the single-chip computer, through the single-chip computer to detect high and low levels, thereby detecting the temperature changes in the environment.
4. DO output can directly drive the relay module, which can form a temperature control switch to control the working temperature of related equipment, and can also be connected with fans for heat dissipation.
5. The temperature detection range of this module is 20 – 80 degrees Celsius.
6. This module can also be replaced by a temperature sensor with wires for water temperature, water tank control, etc.


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