Micro Step Driver



Micro Step Driver

1. Suitable for Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema34 stepper motor and 2 phase mixing stepper motors(outer diameter: 42, 57, 86mm)
2. This high subdivision driver is suitable for high subdivision motor. Suitable for 42,57,86 type 2 phase 4 phase (4 wire, 6 wire, 8 wire) stepper motor
3. PWM current control guarantee the stable operation of motor, suitable for engraving machine, CNC, etc.
4. The product is made of high class materials of good quality, which possess stable working performance
5. The stepper motor driver have stable structure and high working efficiency, you can use with confidence

– Item Type: Microstep driver
– Model: DM542
– Color: Black
– Power Supply: DC 24 50V (36V recommended)
– Maximum Current: 4.2A
– Output Phase Current: 1.0A 4.2A
– Logic Input Current: 8 20mA (10mA recommended)
– Step Pulse Response Frequency: 0 200KHz
– Operating Temperature: 0 to 50


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