Lora / GPS



Lora GPS Dragino

Features :
– Low power consumptionCompatible with Arduino Leonardo, Uno, Mega,Due, etc
– LoRa Modem
– FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa and OOK modulation
– Preamble detection
– Baud rate configurable
– Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator
– Excellent blocking immunity
– Automatic RF Sense and CAD with ultra-fast AFC
– GPS automatic switching between internal patch antenna and external active antenna
– PPS VS. NMEA can be used in time service
– Support SDK command
– Built-in LNA for better sensitivity
– EASY, advanced AGPS technology without external memory
– AlwaysLocate, an intelligent controller of periodic mode
– GPS FLP mode, about 50% power consumption of normal mode
– GPS support short circuit protection and antenna detection


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