LM35D Temperature Sensor Suhu Linear Module



LM35D Temperature Sensor Suhu Linear Module

1. Weight: 10G (With 1PC 20CM 3Pin Dupont Wire)
2. Working temperature range of 0 ° to 100 °
2. The working voltage is 4-30v
3. Accuracy of + / – 1 °
4. The maximum linear error of plus or minus 0.5 °
5. The static current is 80uA.
6. The device such as plastic sealed triode (TO-92).
7. The biggest characteristic of the temperature sensor is that when it is used without peripheral components, debugging and more positive (calibration), as long as the external connection of a 1V meter head (such as pointer or digital multimeter), it becomes a thermometer.
8. LM35 is produced by the National Semiconductor temperature sensor, the
output voltage is linear relationship with the Celsius scale transformation formula, such as type, 0 to 0 v output, every increase 1 °, the output voltage increase 10 mv.
9. LM35 comes in a variety of different packaging types, as shown in the figure. At room temperature, the LM35 requires no additional calibration process can reach the accuracy of plus or minus 1/4°.
10. There are two power supply modes: single power supply and positive and
negative dual power supply.
11. The positive and negative dual power supply mode can provide negative temperature measurement.
12. Two configurations of the static electricity – low since the heat effect in the static temperature (0.08 °), single power supply mode under 25 ° about 50 mu.


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