Intelligent Universal Programmer



LabTool-48UXP Intelligent Universal Programmer

Features :

– USB or parallel port interface with auto-switch power
– Support 5V and 3.3V low voltage devices,1.8V chip support through low voltage adapter
– Less then 2 seconds per Mbit Programming speed for high density flash chip
– No adapter required for DIL chip up to 48-pin
– 48-pin universal pin driver and current limit
– Auto-sense/ Self programming with statistical report

– Device insertion /continuity check
– Universal adapter for 44-pin PLCC/ QFP/ TQFP/PSOP and 40/48 TSOP
– Supports : Windows 95/98/Me/2000, windows XP and NT (Parallel port)Windows 98SE/Me/2000, windows XP (USB port)

– Automatic EPROM/ Flash ID search
– Serialization for Memory/ chip
– Memory buffer H / L byte swap
– Project file save / load function
– User-selectable verify Vcc with one or two-pass verify voltage

– Automatic file format detection and conversion
– User-changeable programming parameters


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