Indoor GPS



Indoor Navigation Positioning Mobile Beacon w/ Case & IMU 915MHz

Description :
– Additional Beacon to cover a larger area
– Version which include an IMU sensor
– Can be use either Stationary or Mobile locations
– Injection molded casing for protection
– Self-powered with its integrated rechargeable battery
Features :
– High-precision (+-2cm) indoor navigation system for autonomous robots and systems (“indoor GPS”)
– Indoor tracking and positioning of objects and humans equipped with beacons
– Coverage radius of a beacon: up to 50 meters
– Supports USB, UART, SPI and I2C interfaces on mobile beacon
– Radio interface: 433MHz & 10mW – up to 100m in office environment
– Up to 1300h (>100 days with 12h/day & 1Hz location update rate) in active mode when powered from battery. Up 2y in deep sleep mode


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