Header 3 Pin



Header 3 Pin

This PCB pin header is a straightforward, time-saving way to connect two PCB (printed circuit board) units. No soldering or wiring is necessary, and you can easily separate the boards again if any problems arise.
With a 2.54 mm pitch, the pin header can simply be snapped to achieve the desired length. It’s unshrouded and features through-hole mounting and solder termination. This enables easier, more permanent connections. The contacts of the pin header are made from brass with a pure, bright tin plating to prevent oxidation, corrosion and degradation. The tin finish also means they have excellent surface flatness.
Stringently tested to meet RS PRO standards, this component is made from black glass-filled PBT, a material that’s also been certified UL94V-0 for fire safety. Equally suitable for prototyping and more permanent solutions, this type of PCB pin header is commonly used in wire wrap and board-to-board electronics applications, as well as programming.

Features and Benefits :
• Unshrouded Straight 3-way Pin Header
• 0.64 mm square pins
• Pitch of 2.54 mm
• Pin height of 7 mm
• Single row
• Straight body orientation (right-angled to the surface)
• Through hole mounting
• Solder termination method
• Brass contacts, with tin-plated finish
• Current rating of 1.0 A


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