Electromechanical Spiritual Lock



Electromechanical Spiritual Lock

A new generation of intelligent door lock of the company. It has the functions of automatic lock status, automatic correction by mistake, high sensitivity of the lock on/off, low unlocking noise, safety and reliability. Specification:
1. The lock tongue and lock are not in contact during the closing process, no collision, no noise.
2. Automatic sound and light warning and warning for the working state of the lock After accidentally unlocking or unlocking, no one will enter or exit. After 5 seconds, the door will automatically lock to ensure safety.
3. Applicable environment: -30~50 degrees Celsius can work normally, unaffected.
4. Applicable voltage: DC 12V, but When the standby power supply voltage is reduced to 8-10V, the lock can still work normally.
5. The electronic remote control closes the door automatically, and automatically pulses the power until the door lock is locked.
6. When the power is cut or the circuit fails, use the key or The handle can be unlocked in an emergency.
7. There are two upper and lower lock transmission seats, the same lock left open, right open, outer open, inner open door can be universal, and all traditional old electric locks can be directly interchanged. And no need to make any changes.
8. With positive and negative control unlock function and all building intercom, access control, intelligent security system can be directly matched, without any changes.
9. The lock is equipped with indicators, in Tip lock condition while, as may be used at night as a key to open the door.
10. Latch extension equal to or greater than 20 mm, in line with section GA / T73-94-5.1.6B level standards.
11. The lock is equipped with imported Japanese motors, which are durable and have a service life of more than 500,000 times.
12. It can be connected to a remote control device, and the user can choose to use the wireless remote control to open the door at any time.


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