Driver Motor Hijau



Max 43A Driver Motor DC Mosfet BTS 7960

Spesifikasi :

– Operating Voltage 5.5 to 27V (B+)
– Path resistance of typ. 16 mOhm at 25C
– Low quiescent current of typ. 7 uA at 25C
– PWM capability of up to 25 kHz combined with active freewheeling
– Switched mode current limitation for reduced power dissipation in overcurrent
– Current limitation level of 43 A typ
– Status flag diagnosis with current sense capability
– Overtemperature shut down with latch behaviour
– Overvoltage lock out
– Undervoltage shut down
– Driver circuit with logic level inputs
– Adjustable slew rates for optimized EMI
– 74AHC244 Schmitt-trigger Octal buffer/ line driver for ESD protection (Inputs accepts voltages higher than VCC)


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