Color Sensor




Color Sensor TCS230

Sensor warna yang sering digunakan pada aplikasi mikrokontroler untuk pendeteksian suatu object benda atau warna dari objet yang di mendeteksi gerakan suatu object berdasarkan perubahan warna yang diterima oleh sensor. Pada dasarnya sensor warna TCS230 adalah rangkaian photo dioda yang disusun secara matrik array 88 dengan 16 buah konfigurasi photodioda yang berfungsi sebagai filter warna merah, 16 photodiode sebagai filter warna biru dan 16 photo dioda lagi tanpa filter warna.

Features :
– The module is made of imported TCS3200 which is the upgrade to the TCS230 to better performance.
– With strong anti-interface ability,the module is stable and sensitive.
– The white LED light can control on and off and also can detect no-luminous object color.
– The best test distance is 1cm,suitable for most occasions.
– The size of the module is small,convenient to carry. Specification :
– Chip: TCS230
– Input Voltage: 3V ~ 5V
– Best Detection Range: 10mm
– High-resolution conversion of light intensity to frequency
– Programmable color and full-scale output frequency
– Communicate directly with a microcontroller
– Low-profile surface mount package
– PCB Size (L x W): Approx. 1.2 x 0.95 inch


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