Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor functions to detect in detail the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases. From the detection results, this component will send a signal to the engine control unit, also known as the ECM.

Feature Oxygen sensor

  1. OLED Display
  2. Input Air
  3. Jack Power AC
  4. Switch ON/OFF Bluetooth Conection
  5. Switch Power ON/OFF
  6. Switch Communication SDA
  7. Switch Communication SCL
  8. Outlet
  9. Jack komunikasi to ECU Roxie

Below Are The Advantages of the Oxygen Sensor

1.) Has a relatively mini size so it can be taken anywhere.
2.) Have a user manual and a manual on how to care for oxygen sensor products.
3.) Can see the value of the incoming data flow on the oxygen sensor with the bluetooth application.
4.) Oxygen sensor products have been tested at the Ministry of Health and several hospitals.

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