Health Robot

Health robots are robots used in medical science. They include breathing robots and room sterilizing robots. This health robot has also been tested in hospitals and BPFK (Health Facility Security Center).

RoboFlow HFNC

RoboFlow HFNC is a medical robot product that functions to prevent fluid loss in the human body, reduce CO2 rebreathing in the human body, improve aveolar ventilation in the human body, and repair mucosal cilia in the human body.


RoboHELM is a medical robot product that functions to prevent the collapse of the alveoli so that the oxygen diffusion process can be improved, as well as minimize nosocomial contamination.


ROBOVENT is to support or assist breathing. Robovent is often needed by patients who cannot breathe on their own, either because of an illness or because of a serious injury.

UVC Sterilizer Robot

The UVC robot is a robot designed to assist in the sterilization and disinfection process of mapped isolation rooms. The UVC robot is integrated with a UVC system which is installed on the top to expose UV rays in the surrounding environment, and at the bottom there is a lidar to map the room to be sterilized.

Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensor is a tool used to calculate the elemental content
oxygen in the exhaust gases. Oxygen analyzers have an important role to
detects whether the device output matches the settings or not. This tool
can measure the concentration of oxygen in a gas stream sourced from Gas.

Robot Roxie

Roxie is a tool or machine that can produce oxygen O2 with the desired level of purity. The way an oxygen generator works is by filtering oxygen from the surrounding air, separating oxygen and nitrogen from the air.

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