Education Robot

Departement robotics education is a department that is engaged in robotics education, teaching students from Kindergarten to High School Level (Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High,High School Level, University). The robotics education department teaches from articulation robots, mobile robots, autonomous vehicles to computer vision.

AI & Robot Trainer Kit

The Jetson AI trainer kit, based on the Jetson Nano GPU and having various sensors and outputs as a medium for learning computer science, programming with electronics and artificial intelligence in robotic systems. The Jetson-AI trainer kit is equipped with a camera, LCD, mini keyboard, touchpad, LORA, bluetooth, IOT, micro controller, sensors and speakers. Can be used as a portable laptop and trainer kit that is easy to carry around

Robot I-Car

An autonomous robotic car educational product created and designed purely made in Indonesia. I-Car is equipped with sensors, computer brains, power sources, and propulsion that can move independently. This robot can follow a pattern that we set ourselves.

Robot Maqueen Pluere

Robot Maqueen Plus is a block/flowchart based program learning module kit and has several programmable input/output components.

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