Research Department is a division that is responsible for conducting research & development to bridge the aspirations of association members as well as carrying out the function of evaluating the performance of human resources in the association.

Robot Health

Health robots are robots used in medical science. They include breathing robots and room sterilizing robots. This health robot has also been tested in hospitals and BPFK (Health Facility Security Center).

Education Robot

the robotics education department is a department that is engaged in robotics education, teaching students from junior high to high school levels (Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, University). The robotics education department teaches from articulation robots, mobile robots, autonomous vehicles to computer vision.

SPM & Manufacturing

SPM & Manufacturing is a manufacturing management control system, to determine what raw materials are used to produce a production.

Design & Prototyping

Design & prototyping is a system design scheme that forms a model and standard size or scalability that will be worked on later. Every developer and user can interact directly with the model without having to create a real product.

Artifical Inteligent & Autonomous Robot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Autonomous Robots enable machines to learn from experiences, adapt to new inputs, and perform tasks like humans. 

Entertaiment & Robot Show

Entertaiment & Robot Show is a place for fast entertainment travel or a suitable vacation spot for children where in this Entertainment & Robot Sow there is a cinema in a container box that has a sensation of effect up to 13 effects depending on the film being played, and in the Entertaiment & Robot Show there is about robotic education and robot attractions , below are some products from Entertainment&Robot Show.

Retail & Service Robot

Retail service robots bring the intelligence of big data knowledge of consumers to provide useful and smart customer service in store. Service robots can handle scenarios from repetitive customer service inquiries to complex product recommendation.