Established since 2006 in Jakarta, PT.SARI Teknologi is an Innovative-
Technology Research and Technology Education based company with
Focusing on robotics and Artificial Intelligence, PT.SARI Teknologi has
been actively conducting many researches and providing not only
innovative and applicable but also creative answers for both education
and industries. Over time, PT SARI Teknologi has been proving his
successful journey in both research challenge and educating in the
world of business and society. SARI which is called as School of Applied
Robotics and Innovation or Sekolah Robot Indonesia has been training
many Indonesian Talented Innovators and been conducting many
innovative events to build a GREAT INDONESIA YOUNGSTER


Sejarah Singkat Perusahaan


  • Making 1 million Indonesia Young Innovators and Technology Inventors.
  • Making Indonesia Innovative Young Generation who are able to
    create own robotic and technology innovation or products that make
    Nation’s pride.
  • Implementing Indonesia Technology Innovations that could help both
    nation and the world.

  • Actively launching Indonesia Robotic and Technology Innovations
    that reapplied in many industries.
  • Actively introducing, supporting and challenging the development of
    Indonesia Robotic Technology in business, health, education and services.
  • Actively creating the latest cutting edge Indonesia technological
    innovations and introducing them to the world.


Our Partners and Clients